Why Did I Play This? Episode 11: Capcom Fighter Power Stick


When it comes to retro arcade sticks there are a few which everybody knows about, the NES Advantage, Super Advantage, Sega’s Genesis Stick & Saturn Stick, and then the Capcom Fighter Power Stick. But, it has been 20 years since this bulky controller has released so does it hold up?

You’ll just have to stay tuned and find out!

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Why Did I Play This?

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I’ve taken a bit of a break, doing a lot of spring cleaning and preparing for a move. But I have finally returned with a new feature in a series I’ve been toying around with for awhile now.

Why Did I Play This? is a series of video game software and  hardware now with the latest episode setting this precedent. For Episode 5 I took a look at an obscure piece of hardware from the 16-bit era, no not a failed console that’s been talked about thousands of times already. I found an arcade stick that is compatible with the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and their international versions. Trying to dig up information about it on the internet lead me to only one article that gave a text review of the piece, so I did a bit more of an in depth look at it.

So ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you, the Naki Pro Player in all of its glory!

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