Top 5 Finds of 2012

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Title says it all! The best of the best that I managed to scrounge up in the year of 2012. Links mentioned in the video are as follows.


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Flea Market!

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I have discovered a new flea market in the town of my residence. Its a college town with most of the population gone for Spring Break. I came home a bit early and was excited to see a couple online ads for this indoor market. I went as soon as it opened at 9 AM this morning with the specific goal of looking for video games. Instead of taking pictures like usual I decided it might be a good time to test out and start using the tripod I bought for recording video with my phone.

So here’s a link to the video I made about my finds:


The strange image I found in my Faxanadu box is this one below. An old care guide for Betamax tapes made by Sony.

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